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Solitude is an antipole of something that we are accustomed to in our everyday whirl. Solitude is a moment of silence without the compulsive need of having the radio or TV on, or eagerly devouring anything on the internet. Perhaps this is the moment of finding answers to questions that we have never dared ask ourselves. Perhaps after some time the agitation disappears, being replaced by something else, something more calming and rejoicing. This something may possible be the views of the countryside, which hides surprises beneath its surface, the opposite hill Kotouč (right of Štramberská Trúba tower) doesn’t reveal to us that its second half is quarried, having given us much of limestone. Likewise, in order to be appreciated by others, we also sometimes cut ourselves in half, having to put one of the halves aside. Those of you who interest themselves in yoga are warmly invited to exercise in the attic, which is adapted for the purpose. Much will become clear when sitting at the fireplace, sharing the experiences of one’s life. Our guesthouse offers space for activities of organised groups that focus on healthy lifestyle and everything that goes with it.
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